Water & Wastewater Charges / Fees

Charges for Water & Wastewater Services

The town depends solely on revenues from system users and new connections. Rates are established by Town Council. Tax dollars are not used to operate the water and wastewater systems.

Residential Billing Practices

Customers are billed every two months. There is a minimum charge for service regardless of the amount of water used. The wastewater bill is based on the amount of water consumption. The town does not estimate bills unless weather or other obstructions prevent the readers from getting to the meter. View the current rate schedule (PDF).

Rate Increase Information

Town Council approved a rate increase to fund water and wastewater infrastructure projects. View more details on the rate increase (PDF).

Fees for Water & Wastewater Services

Fees must be paid whenever a property owner or contractor physically connects to the system. View more details on water and wastewater fees and charges for new construction.