Sites and Buildings

Available Sites & Buildings

We realize real estate is a vital component of choice in the location evaluation process. We can offer you several real estate options from which to initialize your property search in the Town of Vinton. Please contact the Economic Development Department at 540-343-1508 for more information and assistance.

Current Industrial Development Opportunities

Vinton is an equal partner with Roanoke County in developing and marketing the Vinton Business Center - a 100-acre industrial site located in east Roanoke County. The center currently has shovel ready parcels available for development with a number of local and state incentives.  Download the Vinton Business Center special feature drone video to view the layout and amenities.

Benefits to Businesses

A host of incentives are available to companies locating within the Center. Companies may be eligible to receive:

  • A discount on purchase price of land.
  • A discount on water and sanitary sewer connection fees.

Incentives are based upon the level of employment and investment generated by the company and are available to companies who meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

Additional Incentives That May Be Available