Bill Payments

Water & Wastewater Service Bill Payments

Residential utility account meters are read and billed bimonthly and payments are due every odd month on the 18th: January 18, March 18, May 18, July 18, September 18, and November 18. Should the due date fall on a weekend or town holiday, the due date is the next business day. View the town's holiday schedule.

Paying Your Bill

Bills may be paid by mail or in person at the Finance/Treasurer Department, located at 311 South Pollard Street. There is also a drive-through window at the Vinton Municipal Building for water and wastewater payments made during normal business hours. For the convenience of our customers, a deposit box is located next to the drive-through window for payments during non-business hours. You may also pay your bill using your credit card online. Payments may also be made by phone at 1-877-885-7968.

Past Due Water & Wastewater Service Bills

Bills are considered delinquent if payment is not received on the due date. A delinquent notice will be mailed and a penalty of 10% will be assessed if your payment is late.

If the balance is not paid in 10 days from the delinquent notice, water service will be disconnected. To restore service, a reconnection fee of $40 must be paid in addition to the water bill amount. This amount must be paid in cash and service cannot be restored until paid in full.